Monday, April 28, 2014

Yesterday Was Feathers Day

Yesterday I did all of the freehand feathers in the white areas of the quilt; freehand meaning I didn't mark them with a stencil first.

I usually draw, with air soluble pen, an approximation of where I want the spine to go, although you can see I don't always follow it once I start the stitching! I stitched it bottom to top and then again top to bottom so that the spine is doubled.

Then I start stitching in the feathers, building them from the bottom one side at a time. I usually do the right side first because I think it is the hardest -- a little more difficult to see around the foot.

I stitched all the feathers on the right side, then stitched all the way down the stem again so that I can start the left side. This also gives the stem a really nice definition when I'm done.

This what it looked like when I finished the first few.

And this is how I filled those white spaces on either side of the stars.

As a whole I really like the way this is turning out -- too bad I don't get to keep it! I need to do something like this to add to my trunk show. Guess I'll just stick it on my list for this summer's sewing!

Another shot of how it looks now that both sides of the stars are filled in. I still have a little cleanup to do and then I'll finish up the big blue star.

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