Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All Done!

It's always a good feeling to finish something -- now I have both quilts done and ready to give to the girls at an opportune time.

To take this photo, I had spread the quilt out on my bedroom floor, then climbed up on a bench and took the picture with my iPhone while perched precariously on said bench. The bench is padded, so I was sort of trying to keep my balance at the same time as I was leaning out to get the best perspective.

There's probably a better way!

Leaving this afternoon for Salt Lake City; I'll be teaching at HMQS on Friday and Saturday and then at the Nuttall Sewing Centers (I believe in Riverton for a couple of days and then in Ivy Place) Monday through Wednesday. Then I fly to Pittsburgh for Quilt Market -- will I see some of you there?

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