Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some Whole Cloth Quilts from HMQS

Rather than piecing or applique, my passion has always been for the actual quilting of the layers of a quilt together. So one of the first exhibits of interest for me were the whole cloth quilts.

The detail of the horses, feathers and other trapunto work in this quilt is gorgeous!

The size of the quilts isn't noted on the cards accompanying each quilt, but this one is easily queen size and was done on a domestic machine by an Australian lady. Had to get pictures of some of that detail work.

This quilt was entered in the Traditional Custom category as, by virtue of the fabrics pieced to give the creme brulee coloration to this quilt, it is not technically a whole cloth. But it is still stitched in that whole cloth style. I thought it was one of the prettiest quilts in the show.

Every year at HMQS, each teacher is given a ribbon for a Teacher's Choice award. Every year I agonize over finding just the right quilt to pin mine on. I want it to be a stellar example of machine quilting and I prefer that the quilting be done on a domestic machine rather than a longarm. Go ahead and tell me I'm biased -- I won't deny it!

This is the quilt that I chose this year and that's the black and white Teacher's Choice ribbon that I got to pin on it.

The entire quilt is done with thread -- I loved everything about it, the design, the colors, the workmanship.....Congratulations, Jennifer, on a stunning entry in this year's show!

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