Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Dance!! Got a Mettler Box Today!

I get all excited when the UPS guy brings a box with this label!

This is my first order of the large cones, so can't wait to unpack it...

3000 yard cones, 2 to a box, of the 60 wt. silk finish cotton that I piece with....

...and one box of two 2000 yard cones of the 50 wt. silk finish cotton in one of my favorite colors, cream #703. I'll be using that in the bobbin of the next quilt I'm quilting for myself and possibly for some of the thread in the top of the machine as well. I have to decide whether I want the silk finish look or a shinier look like Poly Sheen would give me.

My friend Tiffany Hayes, of Needle in a Hayes Stack, did the hand appliqued blocks for me. You'll see a lot more of this quilt when I get to the actual quilting.

Lastly, the five colors of 50 wt. silk finish cotton in the small spools that I was running out of. So nice to have everything topped off!

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  1. I can't find where to order the large cones of this thread. Even on the Mettler site. I must be looking wrong.


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