Sunday, February 19, 2017

Country Traditions -- A Movie In the Making

There are a lot of Christmas trees and decorations throughout the store and it's what? Mid February?



Turns out that there's a movie crew in town shooting a film that will be sold to possibly the Hallmark Channel. People were talking about it all weekend and Leslie and her husband Kevin even got to be extras!

There was also some V-Day charm mixed in:

Liked this pattern a lot and bought it. Easy peasy from jelly roll strips. I just wandered around the store with my shopping bag....a box is following me home so I'll have to show you later what I bought!

One of the rulers I worked with yesterday is called Circles on Quilts and I like to use it to demonstrate a way to make a Baptist Fan pattern on quilts. During my shopping exploration yesterday morning, I found a couple of quilts done in that manner:

The first is a pattern by Zen Chic that I already own and is on my list to make one of these days.


The second is called "Quilters Guide to the Galaxy" and was designed, pieced and quilted by Scott, one of the very talented store employees. It's 108" square -- what they call Scott-size around here. Warning: If he comes to teach at your guild, he's going to arrive on your doorstep with 4 huge suitcases full of quilts for your viewing pleasure!
Leslie and/or Scott design almost all of the block of the month programs at Country Traditions. They have three going on this spring and I got pictures of two of them:

The first commemorates the state of Nebraska and is a combination of piecing and appliqué.

I really loved the second, although the pole in front of it sort of takes away some of the visual impact!
There is so much going on here! If you happen to be in the Omaha area, it's definitely worth making an effort to visit this store! Country Traditions, 330 North Main Street, Fremont NE; 402-721-7752. You can also subscribe to all their online happenings on their WEBSITE.

And I promise I will share the goodies I bought as soon as the box arrives!

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