Saturday, February 18, 2017

Country Traditions -- Part 2

The penthouse is VERY roomy -- everybody got their own table! As we know, quilter's possessions tend to fill whatever space is allotted, so they were happy happy to spread out and get comfortable. Not to mention lots of lighting. 

There are Block of the Month quilts hanging all over the store, most of them designed by Country Traditions. A lot of them use the GO die cutting system. It was interesting to discuss the design parameters when using a cutting system. For instance, the quilt that I posted yesterday and said was my favorite (it is) had large setting triangles that couldn't be cut on the machine, so Leslie made a design adaptation to piece those triangles. That decision elevated those setting triangles from plain to detailed and probably contributed a lot to why I like this quilt so much. So much that I think I'll post the pic again....

The stars in the triangles made the cutting achievable on the GO and just made this a stunning quilt!

Yesterday I was teaching Ruler Play on a Domestic Machine and I took some random pics in the classroom:

I really liked how she took the basic design in the upper left hand corner and added more of the same design element to come up with the one at the right. Prettier -- looks lacy!

These pink and red pics are both sides of the same piece -- love how it showed up even on this very printy fabric.

Very cool -- double border around the basic design -- love how people just take the basics and run with them! Putting the pics here in the blog reminds me to go home and practice some of the students' variations!

This was a very fun day! Looking forward to today when we continue on with our exploration of the various rulers available. We'll do feathers, circles and other "fancy" things! Here's a pic from the Westalee trunk show that showcases the Spin-E-Fex feathers:

That's one of the rulers I'm demonstrating today -- love the different sizes together!

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