Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's a First -- Teaching on a Cruise Ship!

Last spring, I was teaching at Appletree Quilting Center in Columbia MO; it's easily the fourth or fifth time I have taught for Millie and Wendy there. I love teaching for them -- the customers are fun, the employees are friendly and knowledgeable and everywhere you look there are quilts, most available as kits, classes or both.

Leafing through the newsletter to see all the new classes, I saw the above full page announcing the quilting cruise! I love to cruise, I love to quilt, I WANNA GO! So Millie said, "OK, we can put you to work!"
I'm doing two needle and thread lectures, two Rulers on a Domestic Machine lecture/demos and an Embellishment by Machine class. This will be so way fun and I'll get to go to two countries and a part of Mexico I've never visited.
Even so, it's kind of hard to leave California behind right now. Late winter/early spring is usually the best time of year in my little corner of SoCal. We've had some much needed rain and I've been able to get some spectacular sunrise pics on my esrly morning walks around the neighborhood:




These were all taken a block from my house at 6:30am Tuesday morning -- God's reward for getting my butt out of bed at 5:00!
But here I am on a plane again to enjoy teaching my craft while searching out new scenery! My fabulous assistant Monica, who posts to my Facebook page and/or blog while I run around the country, says "Take lots of pictures!" I'll do my best on that; sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing that I forget, but I will try to keep you posted!


  1. So excited for all of you! The Appletree staff is glad to hold down the fort while you three have all the fun!


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