Saturday, March 11, 2017

Eddie's Quilting Bee, Sunnyvale CA

I never had the good fortune to meet Eddie Leone's mom, Diana, but I remember her as being a quiltmaking legend. Eddie partnered with her several years ago and has since expanded her original store, The Quilting Bee, and moved it from Mountain View to Sunnyvale. I hadn't yet taught in the "new" location (putting new in quotes because it's been 9 years! My how time gets away from us!) and was looking forward to seeing it.

There are two classrooms on the upper floor, easily accessible by stairs or elevator, and I was delighted to discover artwork by Diana adorning the walls. 

I hadn't realized she was a painter as well as a quilter, so this was a wonderful surprise!

And it goes on and on! Students are arriving, so more later....this is a great story!

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