Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Show Me Quilt Cruise, Part 2

Our first port of call was Key West and, sorry Floridians, but my reaction was Meh....so I stayed on board and did hand stitching on my Presents quilt binding (which I still haven't finished, but that's the whole being sick thing).

Then we had an at sea day where everybody got to take classes from the various instructors. There were three classrooms on the ship and a class going on in each one during the hours the ship was at sea. When we were in port, everyone was on their own.

On Monday, we docked in Mahogany Bay in the Honduras -- that's Wendy taking a selfie...

Wendy and I got off the ship and went on a shore excursion to an iguana preserve -- they were everywhere! Only negative was it smelled sort of like a whole group of sea lions -- ewwww!

Wendy holding a leaf out for the iguanas to eat...

This lady was passing out leaves to the tourists so they could feed the iguanas.

There were also a couple of spider monkeys that have taken up residence here.

The preserve is right on the water, so took a few pics....

After the iguana event, we went to a beach where we hung out for an hour, enjoying the sun, the views and some yummy guava juice. That's Donna and Rita, two of our quilting cruisers, on the beach under the palm trees.

I took this picture of the harbor from the deck of the ship.

It was a relaxing fun day -- now back to the sewing!


  1. What a pretty village~ I don't think I could let the iguanas run around me like that ~ woo, I would be a touch nervous!

    1. It was beautiful there. And the iguanas were pretty cool too!

  2. Beautiful photos. I will stop back later for your QQQ Blog Hop post ... :) Pat


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