Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not That I Cut This Close or Anything!

I'm usually pretty accurate when assessing the number of strips needed for binding. A formula sort of sing-songs through my head: length times 2 plus width times 2 plus 9" divided by 42. That will give me a number that I round up or down depending on how close it is. Right?
I put the binding on before I left on the cruise and then did a little over half of the hand stitching while moored off of Key West. Thoroughly enjoyed the week and then came home with a bad cold, one of those that comes along about every 10 years and totally knocks ya on your butt! I've been in bed ever since, once in a while getting up to do some email and then gratefully lying back down.
During my last email stint, I found a little piece of fabric laying on the bed of my sewing machine and had to laugh when I realized what it was: The very small end of the strip when I did the binding join! That was a little too close!

Have you ever done that? Or, worse, have you ever been that much short? Stuff of nightmares!


  1. I use the Fons and Porter binding tool when joining the ends of my binding. Early on I totally goofed with the directions and ended up with the binding being several inches short. I had to rip out quite a bit, attach another spliced in piece of binding and then redo the join. Luckily I had plenty of fabric left. That episode sure has made me more careful!!
    Hope you're feeling lots better. Yep, I had one of those colds last year; it was the sickest I've been over an extended time. I'm glad to know I shouldn't have to worry for another 9 years. lol

    1. Not better yet, unfortunately. Had to cancel my attendance at Cindy Needham's retreat in Auburn; I was SO disappointed, sewing with her is food for my soul!
      Haven't heard of that binding tool; I'll have to take a look!


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