Sunday, June 4, 2017

It's All About the Gadgets!

Seems like I'm always buying new tools to make things a little easier around the quilting rooms, especially this time of year when I know I'm going to be home more than usual during the summer. My teaching seasons are definitely spring and fall, but I often start working in early January and work until the second weekend of December, so don't get a long winter break. No spring break, but I'm generally done around Memorial Day and then have sporadic work until after Labor Day. So I guess you could say I have a similar schedule to public/private elementary/middle/high school teachers!

While I have all that great sewing time, I keep my eyes open for gadgets and I also get them in my subscription boxes, such as Sew Sampler, Quilty Box and Stash Builder Box, although SBB is more about the fabric than the things that go with it. I'll have to remember to do a post about my latest Stash Builder Box; I was delighted when I opened it!

This was my latest gadget acquisition; I had a bright green one right next to the sewing machine and wanted one for the other room. Bordeaux is a new color - I like wine - my house is decorated in a wine grape theme in bordeaux, gold and green - seemed like this would work in the "big" room. My big room has two 30 inch wide by 8 foot long tables, the Mettler thread fixtures, batting fixtures, some bookcases and my ironing board with a 6 foot long rectangular top.

Have to show off my Mettler fixtures again!

I know a lot of quilters like to have everything within reach so they can pin, sew and press without getting out of their chair. I like to get up a lot and walk from room to room; gets my steps in and I don't get achy all over from staying in one position for a long time. So I'll do a bunch of chain piecing, then take them to the big room to iron.

Once I get the blocks made, I do most of the row pinning on the tables and then take them into the smaller room where the sewing machine is to do the sewing. Then back to the big room to unpin and press. Same with the borders, so I thought it would be helpful to have a pin caddy both by the machine for the quick pin/unpin thing and on the tables for the more major efforts.

It's pretty and useful -- all good! I bought this at my local quilt store, but since it is made by Clover, it should be readily available in the bordeaux color, a bright green and at least two other colors that I've seen.

Now back to sewing!

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