Monday, June 19, 2017

Making Progress

All of my Pacific quilt blocks are finished and the first row is put together. I also sewed an additional four blocks to put on the back per the pattern instructions.

I like a lot of piecing on the back and have a pile of colorful scraps left over. I am thinking of getting some grey fabric for the binding and also using it to put a narrow border around the 4 block piece, then start piecing the colored scraps around. We'll see how big it gets and then use my low volume prints for the rest. I think it would look pretty cool!

We had Dan's family over for Father's Day dinner last night:

We made an apple pie, berry pie, pasta salad, 3 huge veggie trays (using the leftovers in soup tonight) and our signature dish that never fails to make people laugh when they see it on the grill:

Beer can chicken! Tender, moist, best chicken ever!

My goal for tomorrow is to get the quilt blocks pieced together and get a good start on the back. The green threads for the Wishing Tree quilt arrive on Wednesday, so would love to get this one completely pieced before I switch over.

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of putting the scrappy bits of fabric as a border around the block. Might have to borrow it. When I was cutting out the blocks I had 1-2 inch strips that I saved which might work great for this purpose.


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