Thursday, June 1, 2017

Playing Around with a New Gadget

One of the new (to me, at least) items in the Sew Sampler box is the Press Perfect by Joan Hawley for Clover. I've been keeping a tool next to my machine called the Wooden Iron, a wooden cylinder with a slanted bottom for coaxing seams open and getting them flat. I usually used it for the diagonal seam when joining a binding -- I'm way too lazy to drag the whole quilt to an iron or bring the iron to it!
However, my little wooden iron tool seems to have disappeared, so looks like the Press Perfect arrived at the perfect time!

So of course I had to try it out on a 4 patch I just pieced:

Looks pretty good from the back...

And here's the front! I think this tool just earned its place in my quilting toolbox!
Have you ever used this? What is your favorite quick press item?

When I'm piecing a quilt, I normally press seams to one side, not open like my binding seams. So let's give Press Perfect a try:

What do you think?

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