Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Quilting The Wishing Tree

Was out of town for the weekend and then life happened in the form of a little flu bug, so....
Picked a neutral tan Mettler Silk Finish 100% cotton 50 weight for the back of the quilt, color #0260 (formerly 515):

You can see how it looks on both the dark blue and the neutrals.

There is a lot of circular pebbly-type metallic print in the tree trunks, so a Mettler variegated metallic #9924 seems perfect. It's kind of a gold/silver blend with maybe some metallic taupe-y shade thrown in?

Like the way it's working out!

Two things that should be noted about my thread setup: 1) the metallic thread is on the horizontal spool pin of my machine, which is supposed to be a crazy no-no, and 2) my tension is on my normal setting of 4.0. I'm sewing on a Brother Dream Machine, feed dogs dropped, open toe free motion foot attached.

Needle is Superior Topstitch 90/14. I normally use a Schmetz Metallic 90/14, but couldn't find them in the "small accessories" drawer, otherwise known as "the sewing room drawer from hell". Had these left over from when I ran out of the correct needles at a Cindy Needham retreat (next one, end of August -- hooray!***) so am giving them a test drive with the metallic thread on this quilt.

I have to think that there are additional stresses on threads/needles when one adds a second layer of batting, as well -- does anyone have thoughts about that?

***This is just the next retreat that I get to go to. Cindy has LOTS of retreats in Auburn CA and McCloud CA (and maybe others?) plus open sewing time at her studio in Chico CA. You can find out about all of her events at

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