Monday, March 22, 2010

Happiness is an Organized Pantry!

My pantry is (now, was!) one of the piggiest places on the planet -- things were rotated pretty frequently, but nothing was easy to find and there were cans, bottles, bags and boxes all over the floor full of things that I couldn't find a home for on the shelves. When I was at my friend Terry Wojciehowski's for the sewing retreat the end of January, I was SO jealous when I saw her organized pantry.

She told me her daughter Brittany did it for her and I offered the kid the job on the spot -- so she stayed with us this weekend and almost immediately got to work putting things in order.

I was upstairs sewing; she had the pantry cleaned out really quick and had already wiped down some shelves and put some stuff back in by the time I got downstairs with my camera.

But even with everything she had replaced, all of this still had to go in....

I honestly didn't think it would all fit, but here's the maestro showing off the finished job!

Does this look great or what? And everything is arranged by usage -- soups with soups, baking things with baking things -- what a concept!

And now for the bonus round -- Brittany's got half the stuff out of the fridge! Goody, goody, can't wait!

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