Monday, March 1, 2010

Working on a Class Sample Today

All in all, a good quilting day! I got the stippling in all four blocks done and the inner border quilted. Two of the blocks are stippled in a soft white rayon (Sulky #1002) and the other two, the ones with the green underneath the background, are stippled in a variegated light/medium green rayon (Sulky #2112).

After I finished the stippling, I marked my light green sashings and borders with a water soluble marking pen and my chosen stencils. The above stencil is a 1-1/4" border (HH-20 from The Stencil Company). The stencil consists of the connected outer ovals; I added the inner ovals because I wanted more density in the quilting to balance all of that stippling.

The feather stencil is also from The Stencil Company; it's #HOI-141-1.5. The stencil was a little wider than my border, so I drew in the spine of the feathers first and then adjusted the feathers to fit.

Both of these borders were stitched with Sulky rayon #1100, Light Grass Green.

All in all, a good day's work -- tomorrow, I'll draw in and stitch the final border and then, hopefully, get the binding done as well so it will be ready for pictures!


  1. I would like to come play in your studio Paula. I like that you use stencils and use them to fit your quilterly vision.


  2. You can come play, Teri -- but I must warn you that you need to have a high tolerance for disorder!

  3. We'll be just fine together! I'd post pics of my sewing room except I already have on my blog and it's not pretty.


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