Thursday, March 18, 2010

Santa Clarita Guild Wrap-Up

At the Santa Clarita guild workshop on Saturday, I showed the group some freehand feathers I had done the day before. I have done other freehand designs, but feathers are new to me and this was the first time I had tried them.

I was pretty happy with my feathers until one of the ladies sat down and whipped this out!

In my book, she wins -- what do you think? Obviously, I need to practice a bit......

I had breakfast with Paula Fleischer yesterday and she brought the quilt top that I had photographed. I posted the picture of the whole top, but my close-ups were blurry. But she was willing to haul it to breakfast so I could take care of that. Couldn't make up my mind between these really cool hand embroidered circles, so took a few!

I also took a picture of the border because I thought it was pretty fun, especially the way she handled the corners. Paula is going to hand quilt this and we were kicking around some ideas for how she might do it? She had thought of crosshatching the backgrounds; I thought about imprecise circles or spirals -- do you have any idea that I could forward to her?

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