Monday, March 8, 2010

WOW -- 150 Posts!

As I started putting the pictures up for this particular blog post, I saw the notice of how many had already been done -- this is my 150th blog post! It's surprising to me because I had not even heard of blogs until February 2009, bought a camera in July and wrote my very first post in August. Now I carry that camera everywhere I go -- the blogging thing is sort of addictive!

Last year when Alex and I were teaching the AAQ Retreats that are held every fall in Livermore CA, we showed the class project for 2010. There's always a theme that we teach to and this year's is curved piecing. I took Alex's Drunkard's Path home with me and she later mailed the backing fabrics and we kicked around some ideas on how the quilting should be done.

One thing I have always liked about quilting for Alex is the fun backing fabrics she sends. She'll send me anywhere from two to six fabrics and I just cut them up into chunks and piece them randomly to make the backings for her quilts. LOVE the huge polka dots!

There wasn't much of the blue, so I used it all and then bordered it on two sides with the coral. I sew my backing fabric seams with about a 3/8" seam allowance and then press the seams open. I think that pressing the seams open makes the backing lay flatter.

2" binder clips from an office supply store are used to clamp the back down to my tables. That way, the fabric can't move and shift when I lay the batting on top and start smoothing it out.

This quilt back wasn't as long as my tables, so I used painter's tape to adhere the one edge to the table where I couldn't use the binder clips.

Then I added the batting and the quilt top; now I'm ready to start pinning!

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