Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunch at McPhee's -- Templeton CA

Whenever we go to the Paso Robles area, we try to make sure that we have a meal at McPhee's. Usually it's lunch on our way out of town, but sometimes we can't wait that long......

Since Sunday was a hit and run trip -- in and out in just a few hours -- we had a late lunch here before we headed out of town. To get to McPhee's from Pasolivo was just a quick hop down Vineyard and a left on Main -- easy peasie!

Had to get a few more pictures of the scenery -- what a beautiful day!

Dan ordered a pulled pork sandwich that was topped with sauteed purple cabbage; he loves all things vegetable, so that was perfect!

The pasta jambalaya was for me -- orchiette pasta with shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage -- all coated with a Cajun spiced cream sauce. I had a very happy mouth!

Some shots of the interior of the restaurant...

Wish I hadn't fallen on the dessert too quickly to get a picture! We always order the same thing for dessert: Scoops of vanilla ice cream in a banana split dish accompanied by a pitcher of warm caramel sauce and a cup of macadamia nuts -- sort of a do-it-yourself sundae! You can also get hot fudge instead of or along with the caramel, but that might be too much of a good thing?

This is our last sight of the Paso Robles area as we are heading out on Highway 46. We've seen this fountain with colored water so that it looked like red wine was flowing out of it!

Home again -- what a super day!

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