Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm on Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio Tomorrow!

This will be so fun!

Pat Sloan airs her podcasts every Monday afternoon on her Creative Talk Network. She chats with two guests -- tomorrow, Presidents' Day, she is talking with Jim & Linda Fielding of the Quilt Album at 4 pm EST and then with me at 4:30 pm EST.

To see more about Pat and Creative Talk Network,
you can click here.

To tune into tomorrow's shows, you can click here. After you listen, give us both some feedback and let us know how it went!


  1. will be listening to the show! Love to hear what machine quilters have to say about starting out on a quilt.

  2. I love quilting - and winning quilt prizes - and the growth of our industry. Quilters are sooooo into the new millennium!!

  3. Just getting started with blogging, etc., but been a quilter for more than 8 years now. Love learning new things and receiving new quilting tools/prizes, etc.

  4. Hi Paula thanks for all the info at Pat's radio show. I like the idea of your Batt Scooters, I would love to try those and the idea that you quilt on your domestic machine. That is what i do also and the other machines are so expensive.....thanks for the the tips on your site.


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