Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work Plan for the Month.....January Revisited

My JAM (Just Another Monday) meeting was to be held on Monday, January 31. At our first meeting, the first Monday of January, I had decided that my goals were to 1) Finish my Italy quilt from the International Mystery Quilt of the Month and 2) Start and complete the Poetic Blossoms quilt kit that I had purchased in fall of 2009.

I am going to try to finish one project and take another from beginning to end each month. In my heavy travel months, that's a fail, but should be able to do it some months at least....

In January, I did start and complete the Poetic Blossoms kit; if you didn't see this on the blog last week, you can click here.

By the end of last week, I had done about half of the freehand flowers on the Italy quilt (above), but had a whole lot more to go. Worked on it most of Thursday and Friday and then I was ready to start the border marking and stitching on Saturday morning.

The stencil is #271 from JD Stencils and measures 4-14" wide.

The thread is Sulky variegated rayon, color #2202, Mint Greens/Pinks.

And here it is, hanging over the balcony at Dawna's house at the Monday JAM far, so good -- let's see if I can accomplish my February work plan!


  1. Is the Italy quilt the one you pieced at my house? Or was it a different one in that series?

  2. Yep, that's the one I pieced at your house in November; finished it by end of January. Since then, though, I haven't been nearly as productive, at least on my own stuff!

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