Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Week's JAM Meeting

Last Monday afternoon, five JAM members (we were missing Karin) met at Dawna's house to report our progress on our January goals of working on kits we owned and finishing up quilts in progress.

Tiffany finished a quilt, but gave it away, so didn't have it to show. She did bring all of her appliqued snowmen for her February JAM project.

Loved the background fabric for all these cute little guys!

This is the pattern; I don't know who the designer is....Tiffany designs a lot of her own patterns under the Needle in a Hayes Stack brand, but I don't think this is hers.....

This is Vicki's finished top....

I really liked the pieced diamonds interspersed among the larger fabric diamonds...

This is the first of two quilts that Janice brought; when we noticed light coming through the blinds striping the quilts, we moved the "show & share" to the stair railing...

Here's a better look at that quilt!

And here's another quilt of Janice's -- I don't think she knows how to make a small quilt!

This is the block of the month quilt that Dawna pieced to teach at the shop. With borders and everything! The baskets in each of the blocks are a little bit different so that the block of the month participants learn a variety of techniques. There are also many little appliqued basket handles on this quilt that Dawna did by hand.

I showed the two quilts I finished last week, Poetic Blossoms and the Italy Mystery Quilt of the Month that I made for Zoe. It is SO fun to do this -- to see what everybody else is working on and to actually get a couple of things finished! I only finished one quilt of my own last year and two so far in 2011 -- hooray!


  1. The designer of the snowman quilt is Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Design. The pattern is called Snowbound. Bonnie in South Tx.

  2. Super! Thanks so much for the information, Bonnie!


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