Sunday, February 6, 2011

One of My JAM Goal Quilts Ready to Pin!

I pieced the main part of this quilt several months ago, decided on the border fabrics and what width to cut each of them, and wrote those numbers down in my project book so that I wouldn't forget.

I arranged the fabrics on my stair rail in placement order and left them there for a couple of weeks? months? to make sure that is really what I wanted to do. Then I folded it all up and put it away for a few months.

I decided to make it my "get it out and finish it up" JAM project for February and put the borders on last week. The pink polka dot border was cut 2-3/4", the narrow striped crumb catcher was cut 1" and the outer floral border was cut 7".

The final border was cut so wide because I haven't chosen the quilting design yet. It will most likely be in the 5" to 5-1/2" range. I plan to scallop it and then use bias binding to finish it off.

A couple of questions have come up while working on this: 1) The outer border fabric is much lighter and "creamier" than the fabrics in the center, which have more of a green cast; will the narrower finished width and scalloped border make this less noticeable? 2) When making scalloped binding, how much binding fabric do you need to cut? Does anyone know if there is some sort of a ratio to help you decide how many more binding inches are needed? A quarter more than if the binding were straight? A third more? Any ideas?

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