Saturday, June 25, 2011

Annie's Star Quilt Guild -- Chico CA

Looking through all the great stuff on my camera memory card is really fun! These pictures come from my February 3-4 visit to the Annie's Star guild in Chico:

Dinner with some of the guild members was at a Chinese restaurant just before the meeting; when we arrived at the meeting place, I was very excited to see my friend Loretta Kleinsasser and her husband Tommy, who live in the area.

After Friday's workshop, Loretta and I went shopping at Katie's Place, a very nice boutique where I bought a couple of skirts and a jacket, then she took me out to the property where she and Tommy are building a beautiful house. I'm definitely planning to drive up to visit when it's finished. We also had dinner Friday night at Spice Creek Cafe on 3rd street -- can't recommend the restaurant enough! I ordered one of my favorite foods in the whole world, cioppino, and it was way yum!

But back to guild stuff:

I don't have in my notes whether the compass quilt was a guild opportunity quilt or ?, but I thought it was stunning!

The truck quilt was fun -- it's a fund raiser for the Ord Bend Volunteer Fire Department....

The library was extensive and remarkably well organized.

The rest of the pictures are from my favorite part of every guild meeting: Show and Share!

Got both the front and back of this one -- thought the backing fabric was interesting; if I'm remembering correctly, she said it was on sale for some ridiculously small amount of money....

Pretty much all of us in the audience were saying "Aw, wish I'd seen it first!"

A big thanks to the guild members for such a great visit! Whenever I see people selling tickets for a fundraising quilt, I always buy some. I've never won, but WOW -- I would LOVE to own that compass quilt!

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