Thursday, June 30, 2011

Las Vegas Quilt Show -- March 4-6, 2011 (Part 2)

Here is the second half of the quilt pictures I took at the Las Vegas Quilt Show in Henderson NV:

"Baravelle Spiral" by Sandra Foster; Sandra stated that her design source was "geometrical quilts". She made this as her entry in the guild challenge.

A closeup of the center where she quilted a spider web type design in the center and then feathers swirling out from it.

"Winding Ways", made by Sandra Foster and quilted by Gerda Hanson; in her artist's statement, Sandra quoted that her design source was "traditional" and that she "meant to try this pattern for some time, as I love the effect of the circles".

This is not an easy pattern to piece, but looking closely at Sandra's work, the piecing was awesome, with points matching beautifully.

The quilting also truly makes this quilt stand out; both elements together definitely deserved that big blue ribbon!

"Running Rivulets" is an original design by Peg Cummings. It was inspired by a picture seen in a magazine. "I took that idea and completely recreated it into this fast flowing stream. I embellished the wall quilt with all kinds of beads, yarns & threads. I now have water in the desert whenever I want to enjoy the cool refreshing mirage."

Closeup of the heavy embellishment....

"An Ocean of Stars", paper pieced by Carolyn Ratola, quilted by Tony Ratola. Her design source was "Reach For the Stars", a Mariners Compass book by Brenda Henning. "Originally started in 2006, took apart, changed fabric and added borders for a more finished look."

Closeup of the borders and the heavy quilting in them....

...beautiful, beautiful quilting! And a big fat blue ribbon!

"Texture Games" by Karen Garth was inspired by a Jenny Rayment class. Karen combined a number of textured blocks and borders from Jenny Rayment's classes and books to make this small quilt.

This was not a large show, but there were some beautiful quilts here. As a machine quilter, I always tend to look more at the quilting than the piecing or applique. The quilts here were particularly of interest to me because most of them were very traditional quilts that were made special by the nontraditional quilting.

Next up: A Drunkard's Path that I quilted for my friend Susan Moore....

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  1. Paula, a friend sent me a link to your blog, and imagine my surprise at finding that you'd featured two of my quilts! Given that you're a superstar in the quilting world, I'm really honored — and delighted that you liked my work. :)


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