Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Friend Paula Fleischer's Quilts (Part 1)

The other day I was sitting at the computer e-mailing pictures of a project to a shop owner, not an unusual activity for me. This time, though, I started going through all of the pictures that were still on my camera's memory card -- pictures that I wanted to share one of these days, so hadn't deleted or "sorted into folders" which, for me, anyway, is the total kiss of death as I will never ever find them again!

Near the beginning were some pictures I had taken at lunch with my friend Paula Fleischer. Paula had brought along some of the quilts that she had either recently finished or were still in progress and she graciously allowed me to take pictures of them and share the photos with you:

Of course, since I have a mind like a Teflon sieve on a good day, I have forgotten why she was making them and who they are for (except for the last one, which will be in Part 2), but I think you will enjoy her work anyway.

Paula is known among her friends for being able to make an entire quilt out of what other people might consider scraps! She can take the smallest little pieces of fabric and make extraordinary things out of them, so to see the above quilt, which was made out of "grown-up" sized pieces of fabric was a big surprise!

She's been having a lot of fun "drawing" words on her quilts with her sewing machine...

...and a hand-embroidered label on the back.

Another quilt pieced from large squares -- love the colors and prints in this one!

More words quilted into the borders....

This is more what I expect to see when I see a quilt that Paula has done: many smaller pieces of fabric lavished with hand embroidery!

Close-ups of some of the handwork....

I've always loved Paula's adventurous sense of color in her quilts as well as her use of handwork and embellishment to make them distinctive. Now that she's adding machine work to her skill set, we can expect to see a lot more quilts from her since she'll be getting them done faster! Right, Paula?

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  1. um... no promises Paula! That top quilt is for my Performance Studies professor, Jenine Minge. The 2nd quilt is a charity quilt that I didn't piece, but I volunteered to quilt and bind for our guild. The last one sings to me. I want to do MORE embroidery for sure. Thanks for digging out these photos.


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