Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Connecticut Trip -- Freedom Trail, Boston MA (Part 2)

Continuing on the Freedom Trail, this is the Old City Hall, a beautiful stately building. The statue at the left of the picture is Benjamin Franklin.

Here's a closeup of Ben, as well as of some flowers that were on the other side of the main entrance. They were gorgeous!

I got all excited when I saw this store, only to realize when we got there that it was a British MEN'S shop!

This is the Old South Meeting House, a gathering place for Bostonians that looked like a church, but isn't.

Faneuil Hall is a great collection of shops and restaurants; that's Samuel Adams below...

On the pedestal of his statue was engraved:







And to think that now a lot of people think his name is only synonymous with good beer!

Faneuil Hall is divided into three huge buildings: North Market, Quincy Market and South Market. Here is the very busy shopping area at South Market.

Loved the name of this shopping cart where all things Northeast + college + sports could be purchased....

We took a tour of the Paul Revere House where the patriot lived with his wife and children.

It looked larger from the outside; inside, the rooms were small by today's standards, but since Paul Revere was a wealthy man, they were probably very luxurious at the time.

The house was built c.1680 and was owned by Paul Revere from 1770-1800. After Revere sold the building, it became a tenement; throughout the 19th century, hundreds of immigrant families lived there. It was purchased by his great-grandson in 1902 to ensure that the building would not be demolished and the home was restored in 1907-08 under the auspices of the Paul Revere Memorial Association. Architect John Chandler directed the restoration and in 1908 the Paul Revere House opened its doors to the public.

A shot down the street from the Paul Revere House; it looks like a busy commercial area with apartments on the floors above the shops. When Revere's descendent purchased the property, there were also shops on the ground floor of it with families living above.

We continued our walk, passing the welcome sign to Boston's historic North End.

Boston's memorial to Bunker Hill....

After this, we went to the Charlestown Navy Yard to see the U.S.S. Constitution, or "Old Ironsides"!

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  1. The Freedom Trail is an absolutely great way to spend a day or so. The last time I did it it rained most of the day and we still had a great time. I love all the history back east.


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