Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Almost Done with Buckeye Beauty Top...

Got the blocks all together on Friday and then put the first border on just like the pattern directed.  Then my brain saw a stack of scraps and took a left turn...

This is the border fabric that, according to the pattern, should be pieced with cornerstones.  It's really pretty, but there are all those scraps!

So I had some leftover block parts that I decided to use as the cornerstones (would have stared this earlier, but wanted to get Dawna's eyes and creative brain over here for a look-see).  Loved the scraps as part of the border on either side of the cornerstones, so that's my project for today.

Meanwhile, I was waiting for Dawna to come around after the shop closed and got all the red strips sewn together and then the wider white strips sewn on top so that I can get a head start on my next Cozy Quilts project, Long May She Wave.  I love red, white, and blue quilts, don't you?

And here's the cover; I still need have to go to Bolts in the Bathtub and buy some blue fabric for the star.  

Today I want to get that border on Buckeye Beauty and start piecing the back out of those leftover blocks and scraps.  Then tomorrow I can buy the rest of the backing fabric as well as the blue fabric for the star.

Yay, fabric shopping!!!!


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