Friday, March 18, 2016

Foodie Friday: Cooking from Rachael Ray Every Day

I used to have a television in my sewing room and most of the time it was set on the Food Channel. At some point, I decided that I needed more space on my desktop, so the TV was out and a great big monster monitor came in. But by that time, I was totally hooked on a few of the chefs, one of them being Rachael Ray. Love her perkiness! Love that each piece of that diced onion didn't have to be perfect! Love that she could get a whole meal on the table in 30 minutes -- always took me 45, but that's OK.
I've been a subscriber to her magazine, Rachael Ray Every Day, since the very first issue and usually cook a few things from it every month. I'm not one of these people who has a few staple recipes and makes them over and over -- I rarely make the same thing twice.
We love roast chicken because it's so yummy and produces great leftovers, so the Pan-o-Rama article caught my eye -- three ways to roast a chicken in a cast iron skillet. Didn't matter that I don't have one, a roasting pan will work, right?
The only thing I did different from the recipe was instead of salt and peppering the chicken, I used the Ultimate Roast Chicken Rub from Williams-Sonoma. When I run low, I always buy two cans of this because I use it every single time I make chicken. The recipe called for fresh thyme; happened to have that on hand from another recipe. The thyme was used both inside the chicken and tossed with the veggies. The chicken roasted for about 25 minutes before adding the veggies.
Cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, thyme and shallots in a big bowl...
Pour over a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and toss.
Arrange the vegetables around the chicken and put back in the oven for about another 35 minutes.
All done! Dan doing the carving...and then to the plate! This was excellent and I think I may break my rule for making something twice....although a recipe on the same page for Glazed Sesame Chicken with Mushrooms & Bok Choy is intriguing!  Here's another way to cook a delicious chicken!  Don't love chicken??  How about pork?

Happy Feasting!!


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