Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Style Sunday: Stitch Fix #26

As always, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my next Fix. Those of you who have read previous blog posts about Stitch Fix know that every few weeks a box arrives at my house with five items of clothing in it. I get to try them all on, mixing them with stuff I already own, and then decide what I want to keep and what I'll send back in the enclosed postage paid envelope.
Since spring will be here soon, new goodies for the season will be great! Between now and the arrival of my next Fix, I'm going to North Carolina for a few days and spending some time at home. North Carolina will probably be about the same temperatures as here and maybe a little rain.

The first two items out of the box were a white lace top and a pair of pink pants. I knew I liked the top, but didn't know how I was going to work it in; the fabric of the pants was a little thin and produced a visible panty line, so they were definitely a Return.

Rear view confirmed my decision -- return the pants and keep the top.

Next was the blue blouse; I grabbed a pair of my own black pants for this picture. Didn't think the blouse was particularly flattering, so it's also a Return.

The black lace pencil skirt was the next thing out of the box -- really liked the way it fit, love lace! It's a keeper. Not sure about it with the white top, though, so let's play!

First I tucked it in and belted it -- nope, not a good look!

However, the last item out of the box was a 3/4 sleeve cardigan with some great detailing in the front -- Score! Now I can keep the skirt AND the cardigan and have a great outfit for spring!

I was still determined to work the top in, so started going through some of my other skirts. This one is from White House Black Market and the ivory colors really work well together. However, I wanted more of the skirt to show. Back to the closet!

Grabbed a vest that I bought from Cache (it was such a bummer when that whole chain closed!), tucked in the top and now I have another outfit for spring.

Outcome for this fix: Pink pants, returned; blue blouse, returned; black lace pencil skirt, kept; black/white cardigan, kept; white lace top, kept. That's pretty good! Three pieces kept, two great outfits! Cost for the three pieces was about $175, but since you pay a $20 styling fee up front each time, that was subtracted from the cost as well as another credit that I had from someone else who doesn't love or have time to shop signing up through my link on the blog. So the three pieces were $130, within what I consider a reasonable price range for a skirt, cardigan and top.

Next fix will arrive April 1 -- can't wait! Hope it isn't an April Fool's Day thing!

I'm participating in a fun Stitch Fix Linky Party HERE!!  Check it out!

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  1. HI Paula! Thanks so much for linking up! It looks like your post didn't display in the widget because you forgot to include the "share pics of your fix" image in your post. You are more than welcome to add the image to your post, then re-submit.
    PS - love that white lace top! I might have to ask my stylist for it :)


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