Friday, March 11, 2016

It's Dream Day 2016 and I Finished the Ruler Project

I have this cool app on my iPhone that tells me all the weird, wacky and obscure holidays for each day of the year. For instance, today is: Middle Name Pride Day, Plumbing Day, Johnny Appleseed day and Dream 2016 Day. Of all of those choices, Dream Day seems like the best -- so think about the absolute best outcome for whatever your brain is dwelling on these days, break it down into baby steps, and let's do it!

A beautiful sunrise like this morning's is so inspirational -- must have pink fabric around here somewhere, right?

Got the binding on the ruler class project -- this will remind me to never ever ever bind dark fabric with the same fabric. Practically went blind trying to do all the hand stitching, so when I make this again for the trunk show that Sew Steady is putting together I will definitely use a print in the thread colors rather than the dark blue again.
A very nice and educational thing about doing the binding was that I used Wonder Clips instead of hair clips (they were sold as quilt clips, but still, they're the same darn thing) and loved them. Carol and Shelley had given our whole group a bunch of them on a card (I think there's maybe a dozen or so) to use in a project they were teaching us. When Missouri Star Quilt Company had a sale on a box of 50 PINK ones, I grabbed them right away. Now I find that they will be my new favorite thing for binding!
I loved working with the rulers, so want to make some other things using them to do the quilting. Possibilities are running all around in my brain, so on Dream Day 2016, that's what I'll be thinking about!

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