Monday, March 7, 2016

Playing with Rulers!

When I was at Quilt Market in Houston last fall, I was intrigued with the Sew Steady booth further down the aisle from us. I've worked with Sew Steady before in promoting acrylic tables that support quilts so much better than the small trays that come with a lot of machines. The newest thing Sew Steady is doing in the world of acrylics is cutting rulers that can be used by longarmers, midarmers and now us, the domestic machine user who wants to free motion quilt various designs without marking.
I purchased the required free motion foot for my machine and the Sampler Template Set 1 and started to play with them with the end game being to stitch a sample and begin teaching classes. I've finished the ruler work on the sample and am ready to bind it -- I'll show you that when it's completely finished.
Meanwhile, here is a peek at some of my practice pieces. I had a whole bolt of this beautiful blue fabric, so whacked some off, grabbed some wool batting and 40 wt. Mettler PolySheen thread and started stitching using the rulers as my guide.

It's a rainy cloudy day here in Southern California, but all of a sudden the sun came out and totally transformed the fabric color on the top photo -- doesn't even look like the same fabric!
So what do you think of the designs that I did with the ruler set? Doesn't this look like a lot of fun?

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