Friday, March 4, 2016

Artisan Bread in Minutes

My fabulous assistant Monica and I got to go to the Craftsy Instructor Summit in Denver the end of January.  We were able to hear many excellent speakers talk with us about promoting our classes, our brands, etc.  I learned a lot, but Monica is a total computer chick, so she got so way more out of it than I did – made her even more knowledgeable about all the social media stuff.

I, on the other hand, listened to what made sense to me and kind of zoned out when they got technical.  But another awesome part about being there was that I got to meet a lot of the other Craftsy instructors and network with them.  I even got to meet my bread baking idol, Zoe Francois!  I have to admit, although I’m not ashamed of it, that I was a total FAN GIRL when I met her, complete with posing for pictures.  I don’t think I jumped up and down and squealed when I saw her, but I can’t say for sure that I didn’t, either.  ;)

I’ve been baking bread out of Zoe’s book, “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” ever since it was published several years ago.  (See the pics of my bread in this post!)  It’s the only way I ever bake bread now, so my bread machine has been sitting in the pantry for a very long time.  When I saw a few months ago that Zoe was teaching her methods on Craftsy, I immediately grabbed the class and couldn’t wait one second to watch it.  The main reason was that, even though I had been baking out of the book, there is nothing like watching Zoe actually do the techniques and listening to the instructions as she does it.  It was amazing and I would definitely recommend this class!

Plus Craftsy is hosting a big giveaway..... Today through March 13, use this link to shop for ANY Craftsy class and you'll be automatically entered to win $1,000 for the craft-focused charity of your choice!  (Be sure to use the link because that's how you'll be entered to win!)

At  the end of the month, Craftsy will select one lucky winner at random and notify them that they've won!  The winner will then choose a craft-focused charity to receive the $1,000 prize.  It's an easy, fun, and impactful way to make a difference!

P.S.:  Even though I was sort of giddy around Zoe, she was very nice and gracious.  Definitely my all around baking hero!

Visit Zoe's website HERE.  

Click HERE to check out Zoe's class!

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