Thursday, October 7, 2010

Accent Sewing -- Murrells Inlet SC

Just a little ways from the beach in scenic Murrells Inlet, Sheryl and Bob Smith opened Accent Sewing four years ago. I remember all of this because they had been open exactly three days when I arrived to teach a machine applique class for their customers. The shop wasn't quite ready for a large class so Sheryl rented a room out at the Army base, brought a bunch of supplies so that customers could shop for things they needed, and class was held! They get my vote for being the bravest store owners that I know!

Before the workshop started, I walked around the store taking pictures of the quilts on the walls; most of them, such as "Shadow Star" above, are classes offered at the shop.

"Multi-Hooped Santa" is a machine embroidery class taught by Aira Kekale. Sheryl and Bob bought Accent Sewing from Aira, but she still does a lot of the teaching. She was in my Borders & Bindings workshop today and made a beautiful small quilt in black, gold and red -- a change from what she told me is her usual black and white!

Loved the red and white star quilt and had fun playing with the fabrics....

Everybody was telling me that the tall bolt, a red background polka dot, wouldn't go, but I'll bet it will.....

Another machine embroidery workshop, "Audrey's Roses"

This is the embroidered piece on the restroom door!

I know it sounds odd that I take my camera into quilt shop restrooms with me now, but some of the most fun things are displayed there -- like these three quilts and the tea towels!

This machine embroidered piece would be beautiful at the center of a table; it is rectangular and has various grape varietal names embroidered into the border along with the grapes and vines.

Most of my class squeezed in here to show off their fat quarter quilts. They learned how to measure, cut, pin and sew various types of borders to their fat quarter of focus fabric.

Some of the ones in back were hidden, so we took another picture....

...and, last but not least, the dear lady who has a broken foot in a cast and pedaled around on her scooter all day. We had her set up so that she could cut and sew with a minimum of moving around, but still, she definitely had her game on!

Accent Sewing is located at 4410 Highway 17 Bypass, Unit B7, Murrells Inlet SC (ph: 843-357-3228). To go to their website, click here.

Load the car, get some dinner, and head out to next stop -- Wilmington NC!

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