Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lee Sewing Center -- Hickory NC

This morning dawned sunny and cool and after a short drive from my hotel, I arrived at Lee Sewing Center to teach free motion machine quilting to 20 of Lynn and Tammie Lee's customers. This was a very full class and people were sewing at tables in the classroom, at tables out in the main part of the store and at machines set into cabinets in another part of the store. So after the lecture/demo portion of the workshop, I ran around like a crazy person making sure I checked in with everyone to look at their work and answer any questions they had.

I really don't mind big classes at a store -- it's really hard to tell somebody no, especially when a teacher won't be back for a year or so; I think it's better to open the doors, even if it's a little crowded, and we'll all make do.

I like to take pictures of things I haven't seen anywhere else, such as these seasonal wall hangings that are displayed high up on the walls above the notions. They not only observe holidays; there is one for a new baby and a couple of other unusual ones, too.

Probably half of the store space is occupied by the demonstration area for the various machines sold here; there is a separate area for sewing room furniture.

The fabric is located toward the back and one side of the store. For inspiration, books and patterns are located on racks all over the store.

Of course, Halloween always catches my eye; I think I have to have the kit for the blue and orange table runner on the left.

The pumpkin guy at right was sitting on the counter...

On the wall behind that same counter was this pretty Christmas quilt -- nothing wrong with getting into the holiday spirit early! Gives us time to finish these things, right?

One lady is setting up her machine before class; everybody else got theirs out and set them up and then wandered off to shop until I was ready to start the class.

After class, everybody stayed overtime -- we recessed for a half hour so that I could get all my quilts out and get them arranged in order; then I did a lecture and trunk show of the quilts, half entertainment and half education, with some question and answer time afterward.

Then back in the rental car for the hour's drive to Charlotte to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow's class!

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