Friday, October 29, 2010

International Mystery Quilt of the Month -- Bolts in the Bathtub, Lancaster CA

Last month was the first meeting of the International Mystery Quilt of the Month club, which is somewhat like block of the month, only bigger! Last month took participants to Australia and there were three fabric colorways to choose from. I think Dawna will be especially fond of this program in that she doesn't have to make up a sample -- it's a mystery!

Four people brought back completed quilt tops for the Streak of Lightening pattern; it was interesting that they were all set a little bit differently....

Three of them were the same colorway, which was neutrals.....

..the fourth top shown was the second colorway, pinks and blues, and there was not a quilt shown from the third colorway, which was greens.

I was traveling last month during the meeting, so I'm somewhat behind!

Dawna also likes to show us what's new, like the quilt and pillow made from Moda's Santorini line. Dawna pieced the quilt top and Peggy, who works at the shop, made the pillow. The tiny ball trim on the pillow is really cute!

This month's theme is Italy and there were three colorway choices: Cappuccino (browns and tans), Lasagna (reds/creams/greens) and Spumoni (which was described as pastels, but is really pink/cream/brown/mint green).

This is a four-hour workshop, so after Show & Share, we all got out our rotary cutting equipment and started slicing away. Cheryl had all of her cutting done first as well as neatly displayed to decorative effect on her ruler!

I had chosen the Spumoni colorway, so at left are 1-1/2" strips cut from the 12 fabrics provided.

At right are the additional fabrics that I purchased: the frozen treat print for the outer border, brown for the inner border and, since I will probably put the blocks on point, the pink polka dot will be the setting and corner triangles.

This particular block involved sewing a diagonal seam across fabric squares and I am terribly inaccurate with this type of seam without marking. Even though the seams were short, I decided to improve the chances of getting the block the right size, so I Scotch-taped the Angler 2 to the tray of the machine and -- voila! -- it worked! Straight seams without taking the time to mark....

Won't get back to this project for at least a few days, but at least this month's is already further along than last!

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