Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons.....and a Halloween Dessert!

Dan and I went to a really fun party for our friend Chris Spicher's 60th birthday last Monday night, but the attention wasn't all on Chris -- a lot of people had questions for one of the party attendees, Nicole McCracken. Questions being: Oh, my gosh, what did you do to get that cast on your foot? And -- WOW -- look at all that bling!

Answer to the first question? Tripped over the dog while going down a flight of stairs....ouch!!!

We invited Nicole and her husband Lon to dinner last night at the house; a early evening dinner so that she wouldn't have to cook, she could put her foot up when she needed to rest it and still get home and tucked in nice and early. Had to show you the comment-inducing cast!

Evidently you get to choose your cast colors these days and then Nicole added lots of bling and a pretty pedicure! If you have to look at a cast for several weeks, this is the imaginative way to do it!

We had a couple of bottles of red wine, ribeye steaks that Dan grilled, roasted asparagus and baked potatoes, both done in the oven. Dessert is the above Halloween funfetti brownies from a Pillsbury mix with whipped cream swirled right out of the can to make a ghost and tiny chocolate chips for eyes. The only difficult part was balancing the dessert plates on their way to the table so the little ghosts wouldn't slump over!

It was good to catch up with friends and cheer Nicole on -- the cast comes off November 16!


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  2. What a creative idea for a difficult time. Love the whip cream idea for the ghosts. Very creative

  3. Yum!! The dinner and dessert sound really good! Your friend's cast is very pretty. Hope I never need to get one, but will keep her idea tucked in the back of my head, just in case.

  4. wow that's a nice plastercast on your foot ,i like the collor and you have cute toes xo xo.


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