Friday, October 1, 2010

Bernina of Richmond, Northern Neck Sewing Center -- Irvington VA

On Monday, I flew from Milwaukee to Raleigh-Durham and drove, in pouring rain, to Richmond VA. Don't even ask why I do these crazy things to myself -- sometimes the airline places and times just don't seem to coincide with (or even vaguely resemble) my schedule and I have to drive more than I would if it were an ideal world....but there was a very bright light at the end of this particular tunnel!

After catching a few hours sleep, I hopped back in the rental car and went to Irvington, an 80-some-odd mile scenic drive through gorgeous green country and a few (what seemed to me) extremely long bridges with frighteningly low guard rails. As I was driving through all the lush greenery, it did occur to me that without the rain that one must occasionally drive through, this would be a desert similar to the one I live in. So that made me feel much better about the whole rain thing....

This Irvington store is a second location for the Bernina Sewing Center in Richmond that I will be telling you about in my next post. Rae and Karen were running around the store getting things that people needed so that the students wouldn't have to stop sewing to get up and get supplies themselves. They also showed everybody new books and magazines and other things that, of course, we all had to buy!

Quilts and patterns on the walls, lots of fabrics.....

..the shop is particularly well-stocked in notions and other things that you don't want to drive a long distance for if you don't have to. It's great to have a close, local shop that encompasses that warm, small-town atmosphere. There are also quite a few quilts displayed so that if you are looking for inspiration, as well as the fabric to put those ideas into use, you are in the right place!

We had such a big class that people were spread across two rooms....

...there were more people to the right, but I guess I didn't get that picture!

There are thread fixtures all the way around two sides of the store -- a thread junkie's paradise!

Bernina of Richmond, Northern Neck Sewing Center, is located at 3413 Irvington Road in Irvington VA (ph: 804-438-5348): to go to the website, click here.

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