Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creative Sewing Center, San Antonio TX

Still catching up with my travel schedule -- taught two days in the West Ave. location of Creative Sewing Centers. We did one day of the design class, Beyond the Basics and one day of Feather Frenzy. I thought it interesting that before taking the classes, students thought the feather workshop would be more difficult when it's totally the other way around!

Cindy McCord in the design class -- zoom in on this, it's really pretty!

Love the color choices and the variety of threads....

It's not common to have a man in my class, but WOW! Look at those feathers! He asked if he could take photos of my quilts -- I told him "only if I can take pictures of yours!"

He had brought this Storm at Sea that he had made for his wife to replace one that was stolen.

The detail work was exquisite -- look at the tiny piping just inside the binding -- and those points! Such a painstaking excellent job on this!

Some pictures of the store -- there is just so much fabric here, lots of quilts on the walls. There are also more panels here than any store I've ever visited. Vince and Terry have hired friendly, knowledgeable people, one of whom totally bailed me out on a camera problem. Things were getting dicey and she just stepped right in and fixed it in about 20 seconds. Thanks, LaToya!

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