Saturday, March 14, 2015

Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere!

I probably use the camera function of my phone more than anything else because I'm always seeing something I want to "save for later". You never know when a quilt may pop into your brain from something you've seen in travels.

Shots of the carpet in the hallway of the Hampton Inn where I stayed in Webster (Houston) TX. Loved the texture/colors.....

Hallway carpet in the Hampton Inn in Arlington (Dallas) TX. Similar colors, totally different textural look to it. Both of these carpets brought to mind some of the modern quilts that I've been seeing and liking very much.

Pictures in my hotel room here in Arlington. Reminds me of the pieced backgrounds that Ann Fahl uses in her appliqued quilts. Every time I think of Ann I vow to make one of those quilts someday.

What kinds of inspiration are you seeing while you're out and about? Please share!

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Location:Various hotels in Texas

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