Sunday, March 8, 2015

Creative Sewing Centers, Loop 1604 Store

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This is a newer store for Vince and Terry Soll, owners of Creative Sewing Centers. The store located on W Loop 1604 N is around 1-1/2 years old and is quite different from the West Avenue store. I love the way the fabric is displayed and the quilts all over the walls!

This small machine embroidered quilted wall hanging is beautiful -- the colors are gorgeous!

A lot of machine embroidery -- I have four sewing machines that embroider and like playing with it -- I'm intrigued at the quilts that are made incorporating these techniques....

Fun, quick, easy!

These designs are built in to the Dream Machine from Brother. I can think of a couple of little girls who might like this quilt!

Do you love this? Posted on the classroom wall -- I think STABLE definitely describes my fabric collecting habit!

I bought the Anita Goodesign collection that includes these embroideries -- I love this table runner and can definitely do the embroidery on my Dream Machine. Terry used a ruler from Cozy Quilts Strip Club to make the blocks. I forget the name of the ruler, but I know I have it at home, so if you'd like more info on that, just leave a question in the comments.

I like the way Terry used the background fabric for the corners of the blocks at the bottom so it looks like a heart! I REALLY like hearts!!

The class at this store was on Thursday -- Next up, Friday and Saturday at the main store on West Avenue....

Location:San Antonio TX

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