Saturday, March 14, 2015

Feather Frenzy at AllBrands, Houston TX

I hope there wasn't any name confusion from the title of my last post. Sew Contempo was purchased by AllBrands last year and that explains the name change. If you are a regular attendee at Houston Quilt Festival and missed the Sew Contempo booth, that's because it was an AllBrands booth. Whole different look!

Six ladies took the Feather Frenzy class -- one left a bit early, but I got pictures of the rest and their fun feathers!

Susan did a super job with both the stencils and freehand feathers!

Lynda's freehand feathers were beautifully rounded!

Gwen shows off her feathers!

Rita used thread that matched her fabric for maximum texture!

Kay mastered the art of getting a textured stem to show off her feathers!

It was a fun day and everyone was very proud of what they had accomplished!

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