Friday, June 4, 2010

Cotton Patch -- Lafayette CA

I just sat down with my computer and a glass of Zinfandel, fired up the internet, and realized that I had left my camera at the store! So a post without pictures??

We had a fun day at Cotton Patch -- it was a day spent in one of my favorite pasttimes -- with a quilt in my lap and my butt parked in a chair in front of a machine! This particular machine is a Bernina 820, one of the two models of Bernina machines with a 12" creative space for quilting. There is also an additional inch in open space height on these machines. I figured it out today -- the difference between the 820/830 and a standard machine is 28 square inches of additional space to shove your quilt through! And I haven't even figured out how many cubic inches that is!

But I digress; it was an especially fun day because I was doing demonstrations in the store and there was a big sale going on (30% off everything through Monday 6/7, then there will be 25% off for a week, and so on in descending percentages off, so get in there soon while the percentage is large) so there were lots of people to talk with and many quilt-y questions to answer, the most common being: How the heck do you get that great big quilt in there? Well, I brought one and did a show and tell of how I fluff 'em and stuff 'em right through that space -- of course, with the 820 I almost feel like I'm cheating because there is so much space there to begin with....

Tomorrow and Sunday, my Fluff & Stuff two-day machine quilting class will be going on, so I promise to get some of those pictures up tomorrow night -- at least the ones I took today. Until then, have a great Saturday!

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