Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Debbi Lamb's "Positive/Negative" Show & Tell

Debbi Lamb was one of the participants in the "Positive/Negative: Adding Color to Trapunto by Machine" workshop that I taught at Sew From the Heart in Scottsdale AZ last month. Yesterday, I was delighted to find that she had taken pictures of her finished project and e-mailed them to me -- so I can, with her permission, share them with you!

Here is her message: "I wanted to have a 'show and tell' with my Positive Negative wall hanging. I finally got all that stippling done! eyes! Anyway, I SO enjoyed this class that you taught at Sew From The Heart and wanted to 'show off' my version of your teachings. So, attached are a few pictures of my efforts. I embroidered the sashings and meandered on the outer border. What a FUN project! Thank you for coming to Phoenix and spending the time to teach us."

WOW -- thank you, Debbi -- for the kind words and the great pictures! The picture above is her finished project....

Here's a closeup of one of the two blocks where the color is in the foreground of the block....

...and where the color is in the background of the block.

Closeup of the tiny stippling with variegated thread; Debbi agreed with me that about 45 minutes of this is the limit before our eyes went blurry!

And here's the meandering in the outer border.....

Even a picture of the back -- I'm really intrigued by the machine embroidery that she did in the sashing blocks, probably with one of the machine decorative stitches?

Debbi even put on a label! I have to admit that that is where I really drop the ball; probably only a few of my quilts have a label on them. I've finally resorted to writing the pertinent information in fabric pen somewhere on the back just to get it on there.

What about all of you -- do you have ideas for labels? What motivates you to get that last part of the quilt done? Any secrets, tips, tricks? Inquiring minds.....

Thanks so much, Debbi, for sharing this with all of us!


  1. Paula, you are absolutely correct about the stitching in the sashings being decorative stitches. I was thinking decorative and typed embroidered. I'm so sorry. As for motivation to finish a quilt? ... my husband reminds me to "make a label" AND I usually have a note on the sewing cabinet next to my scissors to remind me to "make a label". Otherwise, I forget!
    Debbi Lamb

  2. This is a beautiful example of just how stitching can add so much to the finished product. BEAUTIFUL!
    Jean Hastings

  3. Thank you, Jean!
    Debbi Lamb


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