Friday, June 11, 2010

Shopping for the Floral Visions quilt

The other day, I had gone over to Dawna Harrison's (the owner of my "neighborhood quilt shop" Bolts in the Bathtub) to see her newest machine embroidery project, the Floral Visions quilt. I did a blog entry on this on June 1, but for some reason the header won't paste here....

So when she called me to tell me her blocks were done, I went over to the shop to take a look.

This is the block that Peggy Vachon stitched out; her's is on a really pretty solid green background.

Dawna's are on white with green, pink and periwinkle threads...

This was my favorite -- loved the delicacy of the pink lace stitches. There isn't any periwinkle in this block, so Dawna is digitizing an additional flower that will fit into the lace portion of the design.

I played around with background fabrics and threads and came up with the combination at the left -- plums, greens and golds. One of the threads is named "Bordeaux" -- how fitting!

My background fabric is a tone-on-tone beige leaf print.

Later that day, my husband Dan and I were in a card shop at the mall, buying a birthday card for our granddaughter Zoe, who will be 4 tomorrow. Dan found this box of note cards and told me that we had to buy it for Dawna -- the kitty looks very much like her Emma and the rubber duckies are SO her.

When you go to Bolts in the Bathtub and your stack of bolts is accumulating, you put a rubber duckie on top so that the people working in the shop know that those fabrics are "in use" and won't put them away before you're done with them.

Dawna promised to hold my hand through the embroidery process; I just need to find some time to get to the shop and work on the Bernina 830. The blocks are digitized for the Bernina jumbo hoop that only fits the 830 -- it is huge and eliminates a lot of re-hooping. Since hooping is not my favorite part of the process (although the Master-Hooper has made it a lot easier), only having to hoop once is a big bonus!

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