Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip to Gardnerville NV -- Driving Up Hwy 395

In my opinion, the prettiest part of the drive to Nevada is after you pass through Bishop, which is a great food stop. There is a diner that makes great homemade pies if one is passing through in the afternoon; for a morning stop, Schatz Bakery (which advertises itself as the home of the sheepherder bread) has wonderful pastries and goodies. Mary also tells me that they have great sandwiches, although I am somewhat of a junk food addict while driving and the Jack in the Box as you enter town works for me.

Had to stop at Mono Lake to take some pictures; there is a much better view going in the other direction, so will probably stop and snag those on the way home Thursday.

Monday was a beautiful clear day and it seemed as if you could see forever....

.....but the scenery was pretty good close up, too!

As I drove further north, the Little Walker River was worth a stop.

The river level was pretty high, so it looks hopeful for better water supplies this year.

I haven't seen Mary in a few years, so I am so excited to be spending these next few days sewing at her house!!!

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