Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Marvelous Quilt From the HMQS Faculty Exhibit

I still have a few pictures from the HMQS show that I haven't put up on the blog yet, the above being one of my favorites. It was designed and pieced by Gayle Wallace, one of the other instructors at the show. The information on the card did not mention whether Gayle also did the quilting. The name of the quilt is "Star Light, Star".....

I took this closeup with flash so that you could see all of the quilting in the dark background, as well as the over 30,000 beads that were hand stitched to the quilt as "waving". I'm not sure what waving is; maybe the ribbon work?

There is some controversy about the use of flash in quilt photography, but in the case of a dark quilt like this, there is no way to capture the quilting stitches without the use of flash. People have asked me about it when photographing my quilts and I always give the OK to use their flash.

In the picture without flash, you don't see the quilting or the beads as well, but you get the true picture of the fabulous fabrics and colors Gayle used to make this quilt.

I'll be in Minden NV for the next few days visiting my friend Mary Ponce. I'm very excited about this as Mary is the person who inspired me to quilt in the first place. We both have quite a few quilts that we made either in one of our sewing rooms or during the many retreats we attended before she moved out of the southern California area.

I'm taking a couple of piecing projects -- one a block of the month where I need to finish two blocks and put them together and the other a baby quilt. Taylor was born in August -- I'm a little behind.....but her colors are hot pink, chocolate brown and cream, so this will be a lot of fun!

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