Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floral Visions -- An Embroidery Design Morning

Yesterday morning dawned bright and beautiful; it would top out in the high 80's here. A bit (no -- a lot!) windy, but we can't have everything, right?

Bolts in the Bathtub, the quilt shop that my friend Dawna and her sister Fay own, is always closed on Mondays, so that's the day that Dawna spends working with her Version 6 software and sewing samples for the shop -- the things she can't get done during the work day. She's been working in the software to get everything ready to teach the OESD Floral Visions quilt.

One of the things she did was to come up with this design in the software and stitch out this pillow top with her initial in the center.

These are the Isacord threads that she used....

Floral Visions (which she keeps calling Floral Illusions, although we can't figure out why) has eight blocks in the quilt. Here is one of them that Dawna stitched out in the original colors. We aren't crazy about the greens, so we went into the software yesterday morning and chose different colors for the blocks. And I have to say "we went into the software" with my fingers crossed -- Dawna did all the software maneuvering; I just read off the color numbers.

We saved two versions of each block, one with her colors and one with mine. Hers are pinks, periwinkle blues and greens more toward the blue family; she's planning to make her quilt on white background fabric. Mine are purples, golds and greens tending more to olive; I'm going to stitch them out on a light gold sateen.

Now all we have to do is find the time to stitch them out!


  1. Cool!! You're inspiring me to actually get busy on a Floral Visions for the shop... so many projects.... so little time!! :)

  2. I know -- you're so right about that time thing. Look at the post I did today; at least, I got my colors and background fabric chosen and bought!


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