Monday, June 21, 2010

The Quilt House -- Gardnerville NV

Of course a visit to Mary's would include a trip to the Quilt House. Before my husband's mom passed away in 2008, we used to go to Reno a couple of times a year and usually made a stop at this great shop. There used to be a cooking store next to the Quilt House that was going out of business the last time I was there, which was probably in 2007. Janet and Gary expanded the quilt shop into the space vacated by the other store, doubling their store area.

Lots of fabric and Bernina machines, accessories and embroidery designs....

On the day we were there, Janet's bolt of the day, which is a 40% off good deal, was this coffee cup print. There were several other coordinating prints in the store in three different colorways -- red, blue and brown. The coffee bean prints were fun, too, and coordinated with all the colorways.

One of the browsing areas with quilts for sale...

The classroom was set up for a Moda event. Loved all the quilts on the walls!

I liked the quilting design in the block, so had to take a closeup so I would remember it. It looks like it would be an easy freehand design.

The washtub is full of kits to make the flannel rag quilt displayed with it...

What I bought: Found a great yellow/orange color run; these aren't easy fabrics to find! Might do something else with the French Braid Obsession book by Jane Hardy Miller that I am truly obsessed with!

Then, totally unrelated things: A polka dot combining purple and yellow and a pattern, just cuz I liked it!

This was just such a fun trip -- reconnecting with Mary and Ron, getting inspired by all the great quilts in the shop -- can't wait to come back!


  1. Paula, this is one of my favorite shops. We head to Lake Tahoe on Friday for about 5 weeks and I can't wait to see the remodeled store. I also miss the kitchen store. As I bought fabric, dh would be in there scoping the place out - we bought a lot in there as well.

    It is hot here in Palm Springs..looking forward to getting away..Met you at the Palm Desert Guild and took classes from you at Road a few years ago (Vicky was sitting next to me). I am really enjoying your blog - all the quilty stuff and your dinner parties & recipes!


  2. The Quilt House of Indian River is northern Michigan's premier provider for all of your quilting needs.................................
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  3. I haven't been to Michigan in a while, but I'm always looking for new quilt shops -- I'll stick The Quilt House on my list!

  4. Thank you, Marilyn, for the blog feedback. Guess I'll have to put more "foodie" stuff on it -- tonight I'm making a recipe from one of Emeril's newer books. It involves chicken breast and lots of garlic, of course!


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