Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Quilty Sunday

 Finished the back of the Weekend Candy quilt -- now I have a very cute back and 1-1/4 yards of grey cross fabric to add to my neutrals stash. Always a good thing!

Next I turned my attention to filling the ground around the tree on the Wishing Tree Quilt. Reading Angela's books really helped here.

Placing the vinyl sheet over the quilt again, I was surprised at how much the quilt had drawn in because of the heavy quilting in the leaves. Started drawing fills and making notes about how I was going to stitch them out.

Picking my PolySheen 40 weight polyester embroidery thread colors,

changing the machine over to free motion mode, and here goes!

Tried the first motif out on practice fabric first

and then checked the back for tension. Noticed the little nubs where I stopped to think without taking my foot off the gas -- oops! Happens with an unfamiliar pattern at first.

A couple of pics of the work in progress; should get it finished up today and then start on the background fills for the rest of the panel.

Got a lot of quilting done yesterday, especially considering that I was sidelined for a bit by a small electrical fire in our stovetop! Yikes!!! I am so glad we were home when it happened and could get everything unplugged and the gas turned off. Now we're trying to decide what to replace it with. Viking? Samsung? Dacor? What do you have and love?

Happy 4th!!

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